Last Frontier Nomads

An Adventure in Creating our Camper Van and Year One of Van Life


About Us

As a teacher and biologist by day we became camper van builders by evening and weekend.  With lots of research we purchased a relatively new 2017 Sprinter Van in Seattle, Washington and drove it back to Anchorage, Alaska.  After 3 years, carefully designing, mock-ups, testing, redesigning and building we have a unique and very comfortable layout. The van has been on a few trips now, and as such we know what worked well and what needed a bit of redesign. The hardest part for us was acquiring materials and shipping charges to Alaska.  Like any good Alaskans that often left us to build what we needed with available materials, which often turned out better than perhaps if we had purchased let's say, the roof rack.  Built out of 80/20 aluminum extrusion the rack looks great and holds our three solar panels and a platform well. To find out more about the building process go to our Van Build Page and YouTube Channel.  Happy Travels, Audrey & Gary